Single cup coffee makers

There has been a huge boom in the single cup coffee industry.  You have all seen them you pick out your favorite blend of coffee in what looks like a creamer container, put it in a machine and poof! you have a cup of coffee.  I am personally a fan of fresh ground coffee, you just cant beat the flavor, the smell, the overall experience in general.  The single cup coffee containers are very handy I will admit and I have on occasion fallen victim to their use.  I dont believe they are the root of all evil, but there is a news article I came across about the amount of waste these little guys produce and it really is quite amazing, not in a good way!  I did a little more research and to be honest they also cost a lot more per cup than your standard bulk ground package or hopefully your whole bean coffee 🙂    Here is a link to the article about single cup coffee waste.

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