Addicted to your “Morning Brew”?… Why yes, yes I am.

Coffee Kingdom      What is the best morning brew? That would depend upon your specific taste buds and what they are craving. With all the Coffee stands, Coffee shops and Coffee machines available for your home, the possibilities of your morning cup of goodness are endless!

     Whether on your way to work, dropping kids off at school, or running errands, mornings are not complete without a hot cup of coffee in hand. So what is the best brew for your morning? Well my coffee loving friends, that all depends upon the holder of the cup.

     I have to admit that I am a Folgers Classic Roast, or Breakfast Blend addict for my morning drip coffee fix. There is nothing like trudging up that flight of stairs to see your coffee pot full of hot coffee ready to wake you up and start your day right.  “Glorious Coffee is your reward!!” *crowds cheering and clapping*

      There are those unfortunate mornings, like this morning, where I scold the “night me” for forgetting to prep my auto brew leaving me standing there watching the pot fill slowly….trying not to fall back asleep where I stand.

     I love my morning routine of coffee before anything else. It warms my tummy, opens my weary eyes, and jumps my brain into gear. I will have to try switching up my Drip coffee blends now that we have been finding so many awesome sites on coffee! I will keep you updated on any new morning brews that join our addiction we enjoy so much! 🙂

Drink Coffee be Happy!

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