Coffee Soap..oh yes they did!

So while looking up all things about coffee I stumbled upon this little beauty…Coffee Soap! What better way to start your morning than lathering up with the decadent smell of coffee. Not to mention it would be a great exfoliator and you would smell well lets face it Fantastic!

Coffee Soap

If you are a homemade soap maker, like we are, you will be just as excited as we were to find this gem! For the next batch we do we are definitely making Coffee Flavored Soaps!

I found this recipe but have not tried it out yet: Coffee Soap  We are just going to tweak on of our existing base soap recipes to incorporate the awesome coffee grounds. 🙂 Maybe even an espresso bean or two will be floating around in the mixture!

It seems like this is what has been missing from my showers lately…Coffee!!

~Drink Coffee be Happy~




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