Let’s Talk Coffee Filters

It was that time of month again…yes time to clean the always reliable coffee pot. Using the technique in one of my previous posts “Vinegar to Clean a Coffee Pot” I realized that there is another topic we should approach…Coffee filters.

Now we here at Coffee Kingdom are environmentally cautious and like to use as many Natural products as we can. Everything from what we use to clean our house, coffee pot, stove, outdoor grills, etc.

We all know that they dye/bleach a lot of our foods and products we use everyday. Everything from flour to cereal, dish soap to body soaps and beverages to fruit snacks. We can not avoid all dyes and added colors but we can start to make a difference one item at a time.

A few years back while standing in front of my favorite display, Coffee, I noticed the brown filters tucked away on the shelf. After reading the package I was sold: “All natural not bleached” you got me at natural. So I switched to from bleached white to the Natural Brown Filters. I have to say that I feel a little better knowing that I am not brewing my coffee through a product that was bleached.

brown coffee filters brown coffee filters

Ever since that day it has been Natural filters in this house. I do my best to buy chips packaged in plastic made from vegetables or recycled material, or paper if available. I think plastic is the worst as far as pollution in our environment and we try to avoid it as much as possible.

So let’s do as much as we can Fellow Coffee Lovers. Recycle those plastic coffee cans, get reusable grocery bags (store them in the car so you don’t forget like I do some times) and read labels. It is amazing the thing you can find that are packaged in recycled materials, and made in the USA. 🙂

We only have one earth…Lets drink coffee and try to save what we can 😀

~Drink Coffee be Happy~


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