Coffee Travel Mugs…A necessity for all coffee lovers!

Needless to say…I love my coffee in the morning….afternoon and night. If I see there is a cup left in the pot before leaving the house…that baby is goin’ with me! Taking it with is usually done in my Ol’ Faithful coffee mug that is quite dinged up and has a hole in the outer layer. But it keeps the coffee warm, so it stays. There are many times when my house cups make their way into the car, striped cups, flowered cups, square cups…cups that climb on rocks. 🙂 As dangerous as it is to have a hot beverage splashing around precariously while I drive, it is totally worth the risk! I am although in the need of a new trusty cup that will be a worthy back up/replacement for Ol’ Faithful.

Here are a few that I have found so far….

contigo coffee mug


“The Contigo”

The locking lid provides a leak- and spill-proof seal. A carabiner is built  into the handle of the mug for clipping onto a bag. If you take a sip while  driving, the long shape and bulky handle may obscure your view. Drinks didn’t  hold their temperatures very long. In blue, red, silver, black, green, and  brown.








“The Raya Stainless Steel Thermos Travel Mug”

This mug is easy to grab and comfortable to hold, thanks to its contoured  shape and rubberized grip; the insulated walls of the mug keep hot drinks hot  and cold drinks cold. It has a narrow base, which means it can be knocked over  easily, and since the lid doesn’t lock or screw into place, it can leave you  with serious spills. In stainless steel, translucent blue, orange, and red.






travel mugs“Contigo Autoseal Travel mug”

BPA free, these revolutionary vessels utilise the patented Autoseal push ‘n’ sip lid system, which automatically seals between glugs, making Contigos 100% spill-proof and 100% leak-proof.

And considering I love to spill things, this just might be the solution. 🙂



personalized travel mugs


I see these cute mugs at Michael’s Craft store all the time. I think this is a good option for the personalized look. Not to mention they are Flashy and Stylish!






It seems that I have expensive taste when it comes to Coffee cups 😀 but what is new in that area. I love the idea of a mug being able to hold my beloved coffee and not spill it all over when my clumsy hands are reaching for it. I can’t tell you how many times coffee goes splattering across the front of the car because of unsealed coffee mugs….not fun my friend..not fun.

In conclusion I think the winner is the Contigo Mug, even though I am a non handle person, I like the design and the sturdiness/spill proof features of the mugs.

To no more spilling!! Cheers! 🙂

~Drink Coffee be Happy~


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3 comments on “Coffee Travel Mugs…A necessity for all coffee lovers!

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  2. Copco. Available in many colors from Amazon. Not the greatest insulation (but not bad, either). Neat and clean lines. No klutzy handle so they fit in cup holders. Not so narrow that they fall over, nor so wide that theyd don’t fit. I have 5 of them. They are easy to hold, close firm using a screw top with sealing gasket. It’s easy to drink from having one slot for drinking and not easy to spill anything out of it. A bit pricey, but different colors go on sale time to time. NOT dishwasher safe. I use them EVERYWHERE — they save me from having to replace keyboards and computers. I’m a knocker-overrer of coffee and other drinks, so ALL my drinking equipment has covers. These travel well, look tidy, perfect size (16 oz). Look them up. You might like them.

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