First Monday…Its February?

Today is the first day of February. Spring is around the corner. Valentines day is quickly approaching. Snow is on the ground. And a fresh pot of coffee is brewing. Lets make today a good day.

What has the new year brought to you so far?


~Drink Coffee be Happy~




Good Morning Saturday…missed you.


~More like all the time šŸ™‚


Made this cup for my sister šŸ™‚

~Drink Coffee be Happy!~

Morning Trance


YouĀ danced for me this morning

Steam rolled up from the top of my mug

twirling and twisting in the reflection of the lit up screen

I watched mesmerized,Ā slowly passing my fingers through

the warm steam like it wasĀ fire.

I was inĀ a peaceful trance for those

few precious moments.

Let the day be as calm as it is now.



Happy New Years!



I hope you have all made your new years resolutions, and have your bottle of bubbly waiting for the ball to drop and share a moment with someone you care about, or if you are solo tonight hug your favorite lap buddy whether it be a cat or dog. Everyone deserves a squeeze on new years. šŸ™‚

Have a safe and happy New Years. Here’s to another great year! *Clink*



The Constant


The constant never changing daily routine of my gravitation towards coffee in the morning is something I will never get rid of. Unless I find a tea that tastes as good as my morning brew, but even that is a slim to none chance.

It is almost the new year and we plan on bringing the Good with and leaving the Bad behind. Start the year off right with a renewed strength in ourselves and the life that is laid out before us. We have the opportunity to grasp it with two hands and a dedicated heart taking full advantage of a full year to make some drastic changes, or letĀ the dreamĀ hide on the shelf collecting dustĀ and pass us by. I vote number one. What will you do?

I made a cup dedicated to this. Follow the link CoffeeĀ and check it out šŸ™‚


~Drink Coffee be Happy~



Coffee and Words

Words, Coffee, Music, Dance, Laugh, Live

Each of the above has a special place in our lives and different tunes due to our emotions, feelings, environment. Each can play off of each other…enhancing, enriching and making that moment one to remember.

I have laughed over strong espresso with the ones I love.

I haveĀ cried over a plan cup of black coffee in the morning on my porch in the morning sun.

I have sang with my to go mug of coffee while dancing to musicĀ in the yard picking up leaves.

I have drug myself up the stairs to the kitchen just to get my lively hood from the coffee pot.

I have spoken sweet words of thanks to God over my Coffee as the steam hits my nose.

I clutch my cup with two hands, held it close to my chest and believed I might not stand without it.

I love life, I love laughter, and I love Coffee.

I drink way more than I should, and I do not regret it… šŸ™‚

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Snow and Coffee

It is time for Buttered Rum! Unfortunately I do not have any at this moment šŸ˜¦

Remember whenĀ we were kids and it was so snowy at night that it was light out? It is fun to see it that way now outside šŸ™‚ I love winter.


Stay warm, Drink good drinks, love your lover, share laughter. šŸ™‚ Be happy


Is there such a thing??

~Ode to Coffee~

Coffee, oh myĀ Coffee

is there such a thing as too much?

I jitter and I shake

My heart burns and tummy aches.

but you are still there through and through.

I love you in the morning, mid-day and late afternoon.

You make me feel happy,

as I lay awake at night.

There is no better thing than coffee,

please don’t ever leave my sight.

~Coffee Queen~

Hawaii | Coffee, Pre-Cup

Cool Post about Coffee from Tree to Cup. šŸ™‚ Thank you for the post!

Free Time

I have five coffee makers to brew coffee in five different ways. Thereā€™s the drip maker, espresso machine, the ubiquitous Keurig, French press and this odd contraption that allows me to make a 24-hour cold brew. Do I need them all? Umm, nope. But when has need mattered to a coffee aficionado?

Youā€™d think with all the coffee gadgetry Iā€™d know every last detail about how coffee is grown and processed before its brewed and hits the cup. Not so much true until last week when I went to visit a friend in Hawaii. Itā€™s merely a coincidence that my first trip to Kona comes right as he bought a coffee farm. Really.

Coffee-Plants-4_Fotor-LRES Coffee-Cherries_Fotor-LRES

The first step to learning about coffee, pre-cup, is to locate a coffee farm. Alright, that was easy. Now thereā€™s the matter of knowing when to pick the coffee fruit, or what I learned are called cherriesā€¦

View original post 374 more words

Holiday Drinks 2014


“What are the hot drinks this 2014 Holiday season?”

If this is a question you have beenĀ asking yourself,

then we would like to answer it

with a few favorites we have found.

The following drinks are taking a stand this holiday season. They will beĀ fighting for first place on your lovelyĀ coffeeĀ tables, filling those empty cup holdersĀ in your car, warming cold hands while shopping, or just bringing aĀ conversationĀ to lifeĀ while snuggling inĀ a comfyĀ chairĀ at your local coffee shop.

Drum roll…

From your local Starbucks is the Gingerbread Latte…I love their holiday drinks.

A drinkĀ made in your own kitchen withĀ yourĀ favorite espresso is theĀ Creamy Peppermint Coffee…yum!

A fun new “Adult” Coffee drink courtesy of Food Network is the Dressed up Irish Coffee…Trying it.

An exciting post by a fellow blogger has a Pumpkin Spiced Latte to share…Very cool site as well.

A non coffee but delicious drink this time of year is the Candy Cane Cocoa…Great for the kids too!

Saving the best for last, because we all want to be on theĀ Island this time of year…

Caribbean CoffeeĀ Ā 

  • 1/4 cup of Jamaican Blue MountainĀ® Coffee
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • 1/4 cup of ice cream
  • 1/4 cup of whipped cream
  • 2 tbsp. of dark rum
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Brew the 2 cups of water with the 1/4-cup of Jamaican Blue MountainĀ® Coffee
  • Add sugar
  • Chill in the refrigerator
  • Put the chilled coffee, ice cream, whipped cream and dark rum into a blender and blend
  • Pour into a glass
  • Sprinkle the top with chocolate sprinkles and serve

I would say this drinkĀ could be made hot or coldĀ šŸ™‚

I have some of this coffee here at my house and on our “Spoiled Weekends” we fire up our espressoĀ maker andĀ brew someĀ “Oh so Delightful”Ā Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.Ā  It is my favorite coffee by far.

We hope you found some inspiration today and are ready to treat your mouth

with some decadent drinks this 2014 Holiday Season.

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Remember always that if the opportunity shall arise…Pay it forward and make someone’s day.

Special thanks to all the providers of the coffee recipes above.