Cappuccino on a rainy day?….Yes Please!

coffee-culture-perfect-espresso-cappuccino_0Had a great lunch today at a local café and enjoyed a wonderfully made cappuccino with the thickest foam I have ever seen.

Lets just say I was very impressed and yes I was the one that stood her straw up in her cup all smiling and excited at the perfection of the delicious drink before me. It was the perfect drink to start the weekend. And the food was absolutely amazing. We are definitely going back to enjoy more of the enticing items on their menu.

Now I forgot to take a snap shot of my perfect cup of decadent coffee but here are a few foam perfections I found that compare nicely.

May your eyes enjoy and your mouth water.

Happy Friday!



Spent Coffee grounds update~

Recently we posted some uses for spent coffee grounds, one of the uses being a fridge deodorizer  instead of Baking Soda. We like to be as thrifty as possible in our house, so I figured this was a good place to start considering the amount of coffee we drink around here. 🙂

So I diligently dried the used coffee grounds in a small Pyrex pan on the kitchen counter, stirring often to let the air circulate.  The grounds were dry in approximately 3 to 4 days. I placed them in a small Tupperware, folded a paper towel over it and secured it with a rubber band. After poking a few holes in the top for ventilation it was off to the fridge for testing.

coffee grounds

It was a beneficial coincidence that the day before I had left an onion lamely wrapped on the second shelf. The grounds were definitely put to the test. What grade did they get? Well the second day I could not smell the onion anymore! I was pleased with the way the grounds soaked up the pungent smell. I have left the same grounds in there for about a week now and will probably make it a habit to switch it out every 2 weeks. There is no shortage of coffee grounds around here so there won’t be an issue of running out. 🙂

I hope you find this tip as helpful as I did. Now my Baking Soda can be put in my goodies and not in my fridge. 🙂

~Drink Coffee be Happy~