Morning Trance


You danced for me this morning

Steam rolled up from the top of my mug

twirling and twisting in the reflection of the lit up screen

I watched mesmerized, slowly passing my fingers through

the warm steam like it was fire.

I was in a peaceful trance for those

few precious moments.

Let the day be as calm as it is now.



Happy New Years!



I hope you have all made your new years resolutions, and have your bottle of bubbly waiting for the ball to drop and share a moment with someone you care about, or if you are solo tonight hug your favorite lap buddy whether it be a cat or dog. Everyone deserves a squeeze on new years. 🙂

Have a safe and happy New Years. Here’s to another great year! *Clink*



Cups for Cat Lovers!

I am dedicating this post to all the Cat Lovers out there! Enjoy! 🙂

I will provide links on the bottom of the page for the best sites found.

cheshire cat cupcat cup

cat cupsFun_Cat_Coffee_Mugs_With_Lids_c4b40094c2ce49e5fffe_1

Calico Cat Sitting

cat cup

images imagesCA2KA05A imagesCA3BTEM5 imagesCA6YWSIO imagesCA7IOK9N imagesCANEFK3V imagesCAP01FE9 imagesCARMUPVE imagesCASCW4RW the_cat_the_butterfly_coffee_mug-p168843419639099224en8j2_216


As promised here are some links to the cups 🙂

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Cool Coffee Cups

First off I wanted to thank all of our followers so far for making writing about coffee so much fun. It is always great to read your posts and see just how far around the world the love of coffee spreads 🙂 So to all of you out there..Thank you!! 😀 We look forward to following all of your blogs and sharing stories with you.

So onto coffee cups 🙂 This morning as I was staring into the cupboard pondering upon what coffee cup I wanted to carry around for the good portion of the day I realized that I need more cups! My kids always buy me coffee cups for my birthday but lets face it I need more! So I did some searching and wanted to share what I found with you. Enjoy!

For the cat lover puurrrr

Cat Coffee Cups Medicine Coffee Cup

The Medication cup for anyone! 🙂

Brass knuckles anyone? Love this one!

Brass knuckles Coffee Cup

     For the musician in us that loves the guitars!Guitar Coffee Cup

The sleek look of this metal cup is amazing!

Metal coffee cups

I love the elegance of these, so Beautiful!

Coffee Cups Coffee Cups

These cracked me up! I would love to find something strange like that at the bottom of my cup!

Coffee Cups

I am a fan of guns so this was a great find!

Gun Coffee Cups

What can I say…This is fantastic!

Coffee Cups (10)

This last one is a design that was made using coffee cups. I thought it was too cool not to share!

Mona Lisa Coffee cup

I cant wait to get my hands on some of these crazy cups! Have a happy Thursday!

~Drink Coffee be Happy~