Happy Friday to all Coffee Lovers! :)

Happy Friday to all Coffee lovers out there! :)

We here at The Coffee Kingdom raise our warm mugs of Coffee to you this fine day.

Whether it be chilly, warm, muggy or hot where you are this cup is for you!

Inspiration can be found in every cup of joe if you look long enough. 😉

So hug that mug tight and see where the day takes you!

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Spent Coffee grounds update~

Recently we posted some uses for spent coffee grounds, one of the uses being a fridge deodorizer  instead of Baking Soda. We like to be as thrifty as possible in our house, so I figured this was a good place to start considering the amount of coffee we drink around here. 🙂

So I diligently dried the used coffee grounds in a small Pyrex pan on the kitchen counter, stirring often to let the air circulate.  The grounds were dry in approximately 3 to 4 days. I placed them in a small Tupperware, folded a paper towel over it and secured it with a rubber band. After poking a few holes in the top for ventilation it was off to the fridge for testing.

coffee grounds

It was a beneficial coincidence that the day before I had left an onion lamely wrapped on the second shelf. The grounds were definitely put to the test. What grade did they get? Well the second day I could not smell the onion anymore! I was pleased with the way the grounds soaked up the pungent smell. I have left the same grounds in there for about a week now and will probably make it a habit to switch it out every 2 weeks. There is no shortage of coffee grounds around here so there won’t be an issue of running out. 🙂

I hope you find this tip as helpful as I did. Now my Baking Soda can be put in my goodies and not in my fridge. 🙂

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Happy Friday! Coffee anyone?

big espresso cup

Good morning Coffee! Now that is the kind of cup we talk about when we say

“Oh I would love to soak in this cup right now” …no? Just me? 🙂

We all love espresso and our ground coffee. Here is a site that has a bunch of different

brands of ground coffee I found.

Starbucks is having some great sales on their coffee and gift bags!

I am loving all the coffee deals going on this time of year!

Be safe this Holiday season!

~Drink coffee be Happy~

Single cup coffee makers

There has been a huge boom in the single cup coffee industry.  You have all seen them you pick out your favorite blend of coffee in what looks like a creamer container, put it in a machine and poof! you have a cup of coffee.  I am personally a fan of fresh ground coffee, you just cant beat the flavor, the smell, the overall experience in general.  The single cup coffee containers are very handy I will admit and I have on occasion fallen victim to their use.  I dont believe they are the root of all evil, but there is a news article I came across about the amount of waste these little guys produce and it really is quite amazing, not in a good way!  I did a little more research and to be honest they also cost a lot more per cup than your standard bulk ground package or hopefully your whole bean coffee 🙂    Here is a link to the article about single cup coffee waste.

Spent Coffee Grounds

If your an aficionado and are still grinding coffee for the freshest taste.   Do not, I repeat DO NOT throw away those old coffee grounds.  We will be routinely posting information on what to do with the leftovers so be sure to come back occasionally.

USE #1 – Old coffee grounds are nutrient rich!  So if you have a garden be sure to mix the old grounds into the soil.  Your plants will love it!!!