Morning Trance


You danced for me this morning

Steam rolled up from the top of my mug

twirling and twisting in the reflection of the lit up screen

I watched mesmerized, slowly passing my fingers through

the warm steam like it was fire.

I was in a peaceful trance for those

few precious moments.

Let the day be as calm as it is now.




As crazy busy times surround all of us during spring and summer,

it is easy to forget to slow down and watch the show nature is putting on for us.

The trees are showing off their brilliant blooms

The ground is sprouting wonderous veggies and herbs.

The sky is emotional crying and shining at the same time.

20130318_spring_buds_91          june-2011-permaculture-018

All over the world the coffee trees are producing the fruit we love so much,

giving us that luxurious brew we cling to each day.

Dont let the hustle and bustle of life sweet you away,

Stop and smell the flowers and a cup of good brew.

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Good Morning Coffee Lovers

I feel spring creeping closer and the spring chores are starting to make the to do list!

So bring on a big ol’ fresh pot of coffee or espresso and enjoy the last few weeks left of winter. 😀

morning coffee

Morning coffee country

I wish I could Zap myself there right about now 🙂 Beautiful.

Happy Tuesday fellow coffee lovers. May the coffee stay hot and Caffeinated! 🙂

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

My Blood type is Espresso & Drink Coffee be Happy!

my blood type is espresso

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not drink coffee everyday….

But all that really does is make me wonder where I put my coffee,

and if I need to make another pot or not. 😀

So whether Drip coffee, Espresso, Cold brewed, or French Pressed…

Raise your mug to the wonderful beverage we all love and adore…


As all of you know I like to end my posts with ~Drink Coffee be Happy~ Well I thought it was about time to make a coffee cup that reflected this 😀 And now I am going to have to buy one for myself, but when is getting another coffee cup ever bad?… the answer to that is never 😀

Drink Coffee be Happy

Happy Wednesday my friends, may the rest of the week be wonderful for you all!

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

A Cure for the Monday “Blahhs”…COFFEE!


I had to share this cute picture! I love it when I feel this way after my coffee!!

Nothing beats a great cup of coffee on a Monday morning…or any morning in that case 😀

We would love to hear from you! And always welcome discussion or questions about coffee.

Share your favorite pic of coffee or winter recipe that keeps you warm during these cold blustery days 🙂

Drink Coffee be Happy!

~The Coffee Kingdom~