Drink #6 “Caribbean Bulldog Recipe”


Caribbean Bulldog Recipe

1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 oz Caribbean  cream
2  oz milk
4 oz Coca-Cola®

Build the Kahlua, Caribbean cream and milk (or half-and-half) over ice in a tall  highball glass. Add coca-cola and stir gently. Add straws, and serve.


This sounds super tasty!! 🙂 Enjoy and remember the best drinks are those served on the Porch with good Friends!

~Drink Coffee be Happy~


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As crazy busy times surround all of us during spring and summer,

it is easy to forget to slow down and watch the show nature is putting on for us.

The trees are showing off their brilliant blooms

The ground is sprouting wonderous veggies and herbs.

The sky is emotional crying and shining at the same time.

20130318_spring_buds_91          june-2011-permaculture-018

All over the world the coffee trees are producing the fruit we love so much,

giving us that luxurious brew we cling to each day.

Dont let the hustle and bustle of life sweet you away,

Stop and smell the flowers and a cup of good brew.

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Mushrooms and Coffee?!?!

Yeah you read that correctly, yet another use for spent coffee grounds! You can grow your own mushrooms in them.mushroom bucket closeupHere is a link to a site that will give you in-depth instructions on how to grow them and a few places to purchase mushroom spores.  GrowVeg.com

Mushrooms are very good for you nutritionally and this looks like too much fun.  If you try this we would love to see some pics of your mushrooms growing out of your own coffee grounds.

Good Morning Coffee Lovers

I feel spring creeping closer and the spring chores are starting to make the to do list!

So bring on a big ol’ fresh pot of coffee or espresso and enjoy the last few weeks left of winter. 😀

morning coffee

Morning coffee country

I wish I could Zap myself there right about now 🙂 Beautiful.

Happy Tuesday fellow coffee lovers. May the coffee stay hot and Caffeinated! 🙂

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Can’t help myself :) I found more!

Okay call me a freak but there are so many crazy unique coffee makers out there that I just had to share. 😀

I love the imagination of the designer and the extent as to which they will go to find the more extreme coffee cups. These are some dedicated coffee lovers, hats off to you! Since I lack the engineering of this specific field I will support my beloved coffee the way I do best…never letting my coffee cup or pot go empty. 😀

Okay the Brew bot is too cute! I would love that on my counter!

Brewbot coffee machine unique


I can totally imagine having one of these. I love motorcycles!


Wouldn’t you just feel fancy having this set up on your coffee table?
The copper and glass combo is fantastic



I think that this machine is elegant and very unique.
I might need to get one 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this little bit of eye candy for coffee lovers 😀

~Drink Coffee be Happy~

Here are a few links to give honor and credit to these amazing finds.

A special thank you to:




A Cure for the Monday “Blahhs”…COFFEE!


I had to share this cute picture! I love it when I feel this way after my coffee!!

Nothing beats a great cup of coffee on a Monday morning…or any morning in that case 😀

We would love to hear from you! And always welcome discussion or questions about coffee.

Share your favorite pic of coffee or winter recipe that keeps you warm during these cold blustery days 🙂

Drink Coffee be Happy!

~The Coffee Kingdom~