Enjoy the season of Coffee and Caring


Tis’ the season for Great Coffee, Good Company and Great Memories.

How are you going to make

sure your season is one to rejoice in?

Every season should be a time for being there for others,

having great times and accomplishing your dreams.

Let’s not limit ourselves to a certain time of year to being

compassionate, kind, thoughtful, giving, selfless, and caring.

We need to hold ourselves to these standards everyday.

Wishing you a happy and save holiday season, plus a fantastic new year!

Make each day count!



Happy Friday to all Coffee Lovers! :)

Happy Friday to all Coffee lovers out there! :)

We here at The Coffee Kingdom raise our warm mugs of Coffee to you this fine day.

Whether it be chilly, warm, muggy or hot where you are this cup is for you!

Inspiration can be found in every cup of joe if you look long enough. 😉

So hug that mug tight and see where the day takes you!

~Drink Coffee be Happy~